Awakening The Phoenix

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Dancing her spiral
She spins away misFortune
Tiny sparks flying

~by Joy

This is the myth of the Phoenix Bird. A bird that enters the fires, purging that which no longer serves in order to emerge renewed. Rising from the ashes of pain, hurt, and trauma, It integrates all of Its parts into a radiating beacon of transformation called                     
The Phoenix.

Awakening The Phoenix is . . .

a path, a way, a practice. A place inside ourselves and a space we hold with each other. It symbolizes our inner movements from our wounding into our healing, empowering our inner shifts into a connective way of being with the
light, the dark, and all the rest.

There are many names for this Path of Transformation. In many ways, it is the Path of Life. Yet our culture, our history, our collective story has placed this path in the shadows, disconnecting us from the deep alchemy of living.

Now, we are entering the Age of Transformation. And in this Age, we are needing to become the alchemist; to transmute and transfigure our shadows into our awakened selves.  Into our Phoenixed selves.

And it comes in bits and pieces, not just one big Phoenixing moment. It comes in reflection, in processing, in time. It comes in prayer, in ritual, in creativity. It comes in choice, in presence, and
in the now.  It comes in the stories we tell.

Welcome to Awakening The Phoenix

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