a Night of Global Unity in our Hearts

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So much gratitude to Benji and Michelle from The Cloud Station, Jedi Roman for the flyer design, O & V Printing in Alamosa, all those Goddesses who helped me set up, Bill for capturing this night on video, Mathias for capturing the vibe with his Cello and stand up Bass, The visual artists on the walls holding the container of medicine, The receptive and engaged audience (poets in their own right!!), and most of all, The Phenomenal Poets whose voices took us on a wonderous voyage through the inner and outer mysteries. And Lyla June Johnston!!!…as one attendee said “Her words made me sink into the earth and merge” Such wisdom and hope.

Last night, we passed around a sheet of paper and a pen and invited everyone to write two lines. Then, to fold over so only the second of those lines showed. The next person added two more lines, and so on. At the end of the evening, we read our hearts to one another…E.P.I.C.

A gift from this prayerful night…CommUnity Poem

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This Place Called Sacred

For the fist time in 6 months, we spent the day outside in
This Place called Sacred.
This Place called Sacred is one we are caretakers of…stewards. We combed, gathered, pulled, moved, and saged the chaos. We sat still, waited, listening to the wind for the next. We flowed through this and that, gathering and replacing as It willed. We sat still and waited.
We made love.
We drank water.
We gave thanks.
Placing this stone here, that one there. Playing, really. Every container turned instrument, pounding hard to the Spirits.
Hear Us.
We are Awake with You.
The gesture returned. With butterfly, deer, and serpent. The prayer ties are in the hearth. The new chapter has begun.
This Place called Sacred
is ready.

Warrioress of the Ember


Balancing the Embers @ Union Falls

Balancing the Embers @ Union Falls

She sees the Mountains
and the task ahead
Transformation of the clogged up
Thoughts in Her head
Invoking the Warrioress
Deep in her soul
Rekindling this light
That dwells in the coals

We are emerging
With Weapons of Glory
To stay true to this
Magnificent story
One of slaying our
Dark demons in the Light
Freeing our love to
Once again take flight
Relentlessly going to battle
Not like cattle
Like hungry lovers of truth
Devouring the UnTrue

Great responsibility with Power
Is the challenge
And it all seems to be
Hanging on the hinge
Of Choice
At times
All the lines blur
And we don’t always concur
Yet we reside in the perpetual calling
Warriors of the Balanced
State of Action

Weapons in Mind
Past the reaction
Into responding to the Arrows thrown
In and Out
With our invincible Crowns
Let the Mystery be played

Playing this battle within
Find the win/win
Searching with our patient Curiosity
While we sharpen our blades
Ready to tear down the veils
Unite Yourselves
There is
In deed
A fight
With Weapons of Glory
We, the embers, Tell the Story that Heals…

photo Cristina Cabeza-Kinney
Writer / Editor / Creator
Email: cabezadelamor@gmail.com
Website: http://www.AwakeningThePhoenix.com/

Modern Day Initiations: Part Three

Modern Day Initiations = the making of a beginnning in the now

The Unintentional Global Initiation

In Part One and Two, I offered the lense of Modern Day Initiations as a framework; a framework growing from our cultural history and ancestry in which to view and experience the events of our lives.  MDI may be intentional or grow from unintentional events into intentional initiations.  Walking through this MDI threshold may occur on a personal, group, and/or global level.  In Part Three, we will explore the journey of the unintentional towards initiation on a global level.

Reclaiming Our Global Initiations

When experiencing our daily lives in the present world, one does not need to look far for wounding global events.  Though we may choose consciously or unconsciously to ignore it, there are major widespread catastrophic traumas happening on a planetary scale right now.

From massive ecological degredation to rampant political misappropriations, virtually all areas of our global lives have been messed with, taken advantage of, and left for someone else to clean up; health, education, government, energy, business, food, the environment, the economy, media, religion, culture.  It is understandable if everyone on Planet Earth right now feels like a victim to the powers that be.  It is understandable if everyone on Planet Earth right now feels, at times, enough despair and grief to keep them hiding in a cave for an unforseen amount of time.

Waking Up To Our Choice

In fact, a lot of people do.  We hide in the cave of our homes, our jobs, our favorite t.v. show, or who’s twerking now.  We hide in our dramas, our judgements, our devices, and our consumerism.  We would rather wait in line for a bargain at Target than wait in line to protest the Keystone XL Pipeline.  We hide because that is the best option provided for us.  It is too overwhelming to be conscious of it all and still live a “happy” life.

Many are not aware that this is actually a choice we all make. We choose to go dormant.  We may not even be aware that this is the reality until something shifts us, moves us, wakes us up to our inherent power to chose our reality.

This reality is a choice?  But, you say, these things that are happening are awful and real and no personal choice I make will change that!  Therein lies the answer.

Embracing Our Collective Power

As we allow what is to be, and accept what we can and cannot change, we begin to see our part in the unfolding story.  As we awaken to what it means to be a global initiate in the evolving chapters of humankind, we see that we are more powerful than we had ever imagined ourselves to be.

When we consciously embrace our global Modern Day Initiations as such, we open up doorways to our deepest selves.  The part of our selves that wants to effect change on behalf of our planetary family. The part of our selves that invents a carbon neutral energy source or the part that becomes a holistic health practitioner or an innovative educator, or a conscious politician, or a teacher of bioremediation, or a cultural creative.  The part of ourselves that joins others across the globe in prayers for peace.

By turning towards, opening and coming through the thresholds of global initiation, we envision a future worthy of our children and our children’s children.  Better than that, we know that it is possible by the efforts we make everyday in concert with other global initiates.  We are now beginning to fully know our collective power and to utilize it for the healing of our

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Modern Day Initiations: Part Two


Modern Day Initiations = the making of a beginnning in the now

The Unintentional Group Initiation

In Part One, I offered the lense of Modern Day Initiations as a framework; a framework growing from our cultural history and ancestry in which to view and experience the events of our lives.  MDI may be intentional or grow from unintentional events into intentional initiations.  Walking through this MDI threshold may occur on a personal, group, and/or global level.  In Part Two, we will explore the journey of the unintentional towards initiation on a group level.

 Reclaiming Our Group Initiations

We experience group initiations all the time in our modern world.  From birth to death, we are coming of age all along the way, consciously and unconsciously, initiating new beginnings within a group dynamic.

Some of these new beginnings, unintentional group initiations, may come in the form of school shootings, drunk driving car accidents, random acts of violence, etc.  These wounding events have far reaching rippling effects that may be experienced through the lense of victimization or conscious empowerment on an individual and group level.  This is a choice always present though it may feel like a distant possibility while in the fires of the flaring moment.  This choice enables us to reclaim our group initiations.

Within the group, there are many ways for the impact to be felt and processed.  One’s personal experience is in relation to the whole group experience.  The choice to bring awareness and wisdom may shift more than just one’s experience, it may shift a whole group consciousness like in this example.  It takes but a few to choose the lense of love and understanding to give others permission to heal through an event; to turn a group wounding into an empowered collective initiation.

The Final Threshold

I find this impact most palpable in the initiation of death and dying.  It is inherently potent because of its inevitability.  There are many ways in which we’ve learned to grieve or to avoid grieving.  On a group level, time halts and all affected reflect on how their loved one’s mortality relates to their own.  Some cannot go there, others can take baby steps, and others can fully open to the gift of death.

When these conscious mourners fully embrace the moment and give all their attention to the initiation at hand, it gives others permission to feel what they feel and it also releases a tremendous amount of pressure and potential.

We, as a collective group consciousness, have forgotten how to honor our passing relatives.  We fear the full turning towards the pain and the grieving for that which is transforming.  This embracing of the initiation of death releases our passing loved one’s so that they may fully transition through the final threshold.

Giving of one’s tears, energy, time, support, and gifts during this time can heal many at once.  Becoming familiar with death, and not only during a funeral, but in our ‘normal’ lives, may enable us to show up more fully when the time comes to collectively help initiate one of our passing loved ones.

Unintentional Group Initiations are happening more and more with societal changes reaching grander proportions.  For me, utilizing the framework of group Modern Day Initiations may serve to guide us in understanding how to receive one when it comes,  to know how to engage, and to remember the tremendous power of the group dynamic in effecting cultural change.


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Modern Day Initiations: Part One


Defining It 

Before we begin, let’s pull together definitions for Modern Day Initiations and for Trauma.

The origin of the word modern is taken from late Latin modernus and from Latin modo ’just now’.  The word initiation comes from two Latin words, in, into; and ire, to go; therefore, ‘to go into something’.  Together,

 Modern Day Initiations = the making of a beginnning in the now

The charged word trauma has an origin in the Greek, literally meaning wound.  And wound, origins unknown, means either an injury which cuts or breaks the skin; or a feeling of sadness, anger, etc. that is caused by something bad that has happened to us.  With this definition, I can understand the notion that we are all wounded on some level just by the fact that we are in human form on planet earth right now.

To me, Modern Day Initiations are a framework, growing from our cultural history and ancestry, in which to view and experience the events of our lives.  MDI may be intentional or grow from unintentional events into intentional initiations.  Walking through this MDI threshold may occur on a personal, group, and/or global level.  In Part One, we will explore the journey of the unintentional towards initiation on a personal level.

Turning Towards Our Trauma

When we experience trauma, or “bad” things, through accidents, surgeries, illness, unexpected deaths, near death and wounding experiences, shocking our world, we experience a profound energetic impact.  We may not fully be aware of it, in fact we may even glaze over it, but the effects are felt and imprinted immediately in our bodies-in our bones.  Before these happenings have words or cognition, they have memory; in our tissues connecting our muscles and bones, in our fascia holding our organs and in our blood streaming through us.  We are forever changed.

In the infinite intelligence of the body, our transformation begins.  The direction of this unfolding shift lies in our CHOICE to embrace the trauma or not.  Do we choose to go into it in the now or not?  If we choose (sometimes through default) NOT to embrace our wounding, our bodies do keep on growing. When we choose NOT to go into it with consciousness, our bodies grow in a dis-jointed fashion.  Our growth wraps around our trauma and twists in dis-eased patterns.

This CHOICE effects our whole trajectory.  Sometimes the choice to deal with the trauma needs to go on the back burner into our subconscious.  Sometimes it has to be back there for awhile as a matter of survival.  Sometimes for years, even decades…sometimes for a lifetime.

Sometimes, it’s just too much and not the right timing.  I remember saying “I’ll get to that when I can breathe!”  Sometimes, it’s in bits and pieces…in baby steps.  These kinds of initiations have a clock of their own.

And then, sometimes, a time comes when we can breathe and we breathe into our wounds, putting them on the front burner, pushing them forward from the subconscious into the conscious.

Then, the conscious unraveling of memory begins.  When the time comes to turn towards the trauma, the threshold is illuminated and our bodies initiate us into our healing.

When we start collecting the bones of our dis-eased selves, the trauma unfurls and releases our twisted growth.  There is deep intelligence here.  There is healing here.  There is initiation here. And the body is our guide.  By experiencing our traumas as initiations, we gain an empowered context in which to view our coming of age stories.

For me, viewing the healing of our wounds through the lens of Modern Day Initiations serves to help us find meaning, connection and the road home to our deepest selves, our fullest selves, our conscious and present selves.

So Much Love, Cristina

Also read MDI Part 2 and 3

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“Tell Stories That Heal” wants YOUR stories!


Seeking YOUR Stories…

“Tell Stories That Heal” is an Awakening The Phoenix eBook series, seeking to include personal stories that illuminate what Modern Day Initiations look, feel and taste like.

Do you KNOW what phoenix~ing your trauma is?  Have you taken a heart~wrenching experience, let it deeply in, collapsed, collapsed some more, and then collected your bones,  burning through it into winged wholeness?!?

If you have…you have officially earned a “Modern Day Initiation” and it deserves to be acknowledged, appreciated, and shared with our healing world.  So many are living this precious life without the words to understand what is happening to them.  We are being churned and morphed into transformed, loving and available human beings…in unprecedented ways.  My hope is to bring more understanding to these ways…

Here’s an excellent example of a Modern Day Initiation   http://www.radiantbalance.com/becoming-whole/

Time to tell stories that heal.

I am looking for 1,000 to 2,000 exquisite words/images/poetry that illuminate what a Modern Day Initiation is. Entries are due March 20th, 2014 Spring Equinox. Please send submissions to my email address: cabezadelamor@gmail.com

Compensation is a free eCopy, becoming a published writer or adding to your portfolio, and touching/transforming hearts…priceless. AND, as part of the conscious business model (3P’s People, Planet, Profit), I am earmarking a portion of the profits for local Crestone Youth Programs that offer INTENTIONAL Modern Day Initiations including Crestone Creative Council and The Elements Summer Camp. We are co-creating this together <3

If you have a story and the hit that this project is for you, PLEASE start writing!

In the coming weeks, I will be writing about Modern Day Initiations on my blog here and on my Facebook Page.  Please “Like” and Comment on my FB page to stay connected and motivated.  Join the “Tell Stories That Heal” Event to share ideas, thoughts, etc. related to this project.

Blessed Be Winter Writers!

Gratitude and Juicy Love,


Boxes within Boxes…An Imbolc Blessing


At my daughter’s Blessing Way, 2010

….in Loving Memory of Safiya


I opened a box this morning and it was a box within a box

Perfectly timed score from our local FreeBox

It was Safiya’s

Safiya’s Box  {she would enjoy this notion}

And inside this version of Pandora’s Box

With no key but curiosity

Was a simple cut out question

“What’s the Big Idea?”

Along with this big idea was

A yellow with black polka dot teapot lid

Eight pearl needles

A spool of purple thread

And a cut out of an elephant and a duck

Riding scooters

One balancing a ball with tassles

The other with a propeller hat

Now what did I just open?

Just a thread of a woman’s life

A moment of inspiration

A creative impulse closed shut

Now I have been given a window into a soul

Who crossed in a ball of fire

A soul I longed to know more fully

So, I kept digging

To see what Safiya’s Box had for me

She had already shown me

The value of patience in steeping the tea

Taking the time to extract the medicine

She showed me 8 faux pearl needles

Corsage pins to remind me

To pin beauty and joy close to my heart

A spool of purple thread

Her favorite color

A reminder that my favorite things can and will become repetitive

But that that repetition can become wonderous things

With some creativity and persistance

And a duck and an elephant riding scooters?

I’ll come back to that one

So, I kept looking and saw

Three pieces of paper with

Three seperate phrases

Telling me a Safiya~ism

“One God or Many?”

“Enter The Dragon”

“Guardian Angel”

As if to say

There is no answer

Just Enter The Dragon


That which mystifies

That which scares the shit out of you

That which may burn with its flaming breath

That which may carry you to your wildest dreams

You are guarded

You are protected

Don’t bother trying to answer the question

One God or Many?

What’s The Big Idea?

Why is there so much pain?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Why do good things happen to bad people?

Why is there so much joy?

Just Enter


Be Mystified