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Tell Stories That Heal

Empowering Voices for the Emerging Heart          

Book One: Modern Day Initiations


In this anthology of prose and poetry, thirteen contributors bring voice and honor to the many ways experience can heal us.  It is a LOVEspun work of heART.  

Our contributing writers and allies:

By honoring the stories we tell ourselves and others, we help bring them out of hiding, releasing us from their grip. By taking in all the pieces and working with them over time, we transform our stories so they no longer hold us back. Though the story is never done, we get to know our intimate selves by finding its roots. We polish the stones of our experiences and reclaim them for the diamonds that they are. We find our voice. We tell a story that heals.


Tell Stories That Heal: Empowering Voices for the Emerging Heart
Tell Stories T...
Book One: Modern ...
By Cristina Cabeza Ki...
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The stories found in this collection emerged from the deep chambers of people just like you. Stories of breaking down to breaking through; losing self, losing others, facing fears, accepting the unacceptable, building strength, moving beyond, finding forgiveness, claiming worth, coming home, regaining self, reconnecting through birth, resilience, death, and ultimately love.

These stories create an enormous amount of release and power. They help us touch our humanity by transforming suffering into compassion. From the gross to the grandiose, these stories are gossamers connecting us to our collective wholeness, our empowerment, and our freedom.

Our hope is that they initiate beneficial ripples within all they may encounter. May Tell Stories That Heal inspire you, challenge you, and crack you wide open to the beauty of finding one’s voice.


Profits from the sale of Tell Stories That Heal help fund programs

empowering the voices of our youth


Praise for Tell Stories That Heal:

This collection of personal stories is more than a book.  It's a spiritual and political act.  These . . . experiences of going through difficulties and rising above them enlightened and ennobled, enlighten and ennoble the reader too.  Tell Stories That Heal bears witness to the tremendous capacity of the human spirit to lead a person, through suffering, to grow.  I've no doubt that sharing these stories of healing, helps to heal the world.   

~Beverly Donofrio, author of Riding in Cars with Boys and Astonished                                                                                                        

Tell Stories That Heal is at once raw and tender. It shatters facades as it reminds us that behind every so-called ordinary life is an extraordinary story waiting to be told. This book shows us the way of authentic healing.                                                        

~James O'Dea, Creative Stress and The Conscious Activist

Within these stories is the breath of resilience; resilience of the body, the mind, the emotions, and the soul.  Something worthy of passing on.       


Please share my compliments and gratitude with all involved with the publication of your stories. I read the book last night, not wanting to put it down before completion. It is wonderful to know all of you better; to know how healing the telling of such stories is for everyone who listens as well as tells. They are every one's stories, as Cristina said. I am recommending it again and again. The writing and editing is superb. The cover is absolutely beautiful and inviting.

Congratulations to all humans who endure, grow and thrive.

Thank you, thank you.

Michael Onewing

Just received this amazing book in the mail . . . I made it through the first 27 pages last night . . . read and re-read words that sunk unto my bones from Lyla June Johnston and as I delved a little deeper and got into Cristina's story, tears began streaming down my face that then settled into a deep reservoir of courage and strength.  So much gratitude for every single (person) who contributed their stories of initiation and healing to this book.  I am going through some massive healing shift right now and this gem is going on the journey with me.  Infinite gratitude.

Alais Clay

Videos from two of our book contributors:

Video Production - C.S. Drury Music - Septiles Available on the album "Night One" All photos are free from copyright restrictions or licensed under creative commons public domain dedication

Lyla June Johnston reads her poem, "Hozhó." Filmed and edited by Shara Esbenshade.