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Circle Up Consulting


1.  Learn Unitive Justice theory utilizing the Six Cornerstones and Six Building Blocks from punitive to unitive approaches to conflict resolution.

2.  Learn the Restorative Circle process in this Introductory class.  


For upcoming classes, visit Awakening The Phoenix on facebook


Practice Groups are an excellent way to deepen your understanding of RC facilitation and to build support systems with others. This group often involves the use of Semi-Simulated Restorative Circles (or 'practice circles').

*Intended for those who have participated in the UJ and RC classes.  


For practice group meeting times and dates, visit Awakening The Phoenix on facebook

Circle Facilitation

Circle Up offers restorative circle facilitation.  The process is held with omni-partiality and safety from beginning to end.  We aim for conflict transformation through mutual understanding, shared power and connection, and mutually beneficial action.


To initiate a restorative circle for you or a loved one or if you would like more information contact Cristina at

For more information, contact Cristina Cabeza Kinney