Awakening The Phoenix

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Circle Up

The truth is, I never know where my musings are taking me. This evolving principle is the guide and I remain the listening student. And, she consistently leads me to this wealth we shall classify as communications.  

After my B.S. in Communications fifteen years ago, my self-guided master's program took me to the Wild Wild West to hear what I could hear . . .                    and here is where we are.

As it goes, I keep arising into explorations in poetry, story, circle processes and bridges of connection. Attempting to mirror and honor the natural, I keep unfolding into presence, depth and intuition.  Circle Up arises from these explorations and this continual calling to be of service to the people.

My hope here, through these Circle Up offerings, is to share in nurturing relationship. These processes are the closest I've come to bending the arc of history towards a more loving justice.  I give thanks to my teachers and bow in their brilliance.  I invite you to join in this glow.

Learn more below and check upcoming events for things on the rise.

.:. Onward and Upward .:.


Unitive Justice

"Lovingkindness is the moral principle upon which unitive justice is grounded."

Unitive Justice (UJ), as presented by Sylvia Clute, is a nonhierarchial, nonjudgemental, and nonpunitive approach to how we do conflict.  UJ theory is a philosophy and a bridge from a broken punitive system to a holistic unitive system.  It is used to resolve conflict and create mutual understanding within individuals.  UJ bends the arc of history from duality to unity.


Restorative Circles

"Forgiveness is a gift of awakening"

Restorative Circles, as presented by Dominic Barter, is the application of the UJ philosophy.  It is a process in which space is held to reveal underlying core issues and allows conflict to achieve a natural course of resolution and transformation. Through reflective listening, this community process supports those in conflict by bringing the parties together to dialogue as equals in a safe environment. Participation is voluntary.


Consulting Work

Unitive Justice and Restorative Circles Education


Practice Groups


Circle Facilitation


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