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Belonging Bandwagon: TheirStories

BELONGING BANDWAGON: a Performance Art-Driven Dialogue for Culture's Sake

Event Two:  >>------> TheirStories<------<<

FACEBOOK Event: Belonging Bandwagon

Join Juana, Harriet and Sappho at “TheirStories”

Saturday, September 30th

from 2pm till 4pm

At the Old School House Community Center

As it turns out, our ”Herstories” space/time travelers cannot return to their homes, back through the Charter Portal, until they figure out a most unusual riddle.  The next clue in weaving this riddle involves TheirStories.

Amongst other things, this riddle involves an actual bandwagon!  For this, the trio requests donated Crestone artifacts.  These can be representations, articles, small monuments or relics of Crestone’s cultural story.  Got something?  Bring it on September 30th!

Contact ::: Cristina Cabeza Kinney

This is a  sponsored event . . . we are in cahoots ;)


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Belonging Bandwagon

A Performance Art-Driven Dialogue for Culture's Sake

Event One:  Crestone Fourth of July Parade . . . Looking for Culture & Sense of Belonging

SUMMARY: This project will dispatch performative characters across the community for a series of playful, participatory dialogues and actions that build momentum and support for a Policy on Belonging, a Cultural Impact Study, and to seed a Community Cultural Arts Center in the town of Crestone, Colorado. 

Partner Organizations: Company of Players, Crestone Town Board of Trustees, Awakening The Phoenix and Blue Earth Design.

.:. Through Performance Art

Who are these Characters?
Trio of intercultural, time traveling explorers on the lookout for local culture and a sense of belonging. Sappho, Juana Azurduy and Harriet the Falconer (featured in the Company of Player's Herstories June performance) are asking questions, researching and collecting community info to store on the Belonging Bandwagon, their ticket back home. Look for them in their Improv play during the Fourth of July parade and the August Creative District Art in the Park event.

What is the Belonging Bandwagon?
An actual bandwagon, this growing artifact may include a local cultural storybook called ‘Scoby’, a community timeline, local cultural pieces, sample policies with petitions, sign up sheets. Activities housed on bandwagon may include chalkboard conversations, a marble run for kids of all ages, and . . . ? Eventually this bandwagon will need a home . . . say a Crestone Cultural Arts Center!?! Until then, it will continue to be a traveling cultural time capsule of sorts. When can I see this bandwagon you say? Soonish.

& The Art of Storytelling .:.

Archival Narratives: To include various video interviews of long time community members on belonging i.e. Where are you from? What keeps you here? Where does your sense of belonging come from? 

Story Circle: In addition to galavanting around, we will host a more focused story circle event in September around Belonging. With similar questions asked of long time residents, we will dive in deeper and add to our community narrative capsule. Belonging Bandwagon will be . . . seeking input.

Sharing the Story: Once all this delicious data has been collected and coalesced (to include videostory with sample policies), we will present it to the Town of Crestone Board of Trustees at the December Board meeting. We hope to inspire our officials to adopt a Policy on Belonging as well as a Cultural Impact Study. We also hope our actions add benefit for future dialogue and grant writing efforts towards a Crestone Cultural Arts Center.


FACEBOOK Event:  Belonging Bandwagon

*This is a USDAC Micro Grant Prototype project
To learn more about our sponsor, visit 
or visit on Facebook: US Department of Arts and Culture

Cristina Cabeza Kinney
P.O. Box 543
Crestone, CO 81131
(719) 480-2814

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INTRO Class to Unitive Justice

"Lovingkindness is the moral principle upon which unitive justice is grounded."

Cristina Cabeza-Kinney invites you to this introductory class on Unitive Justice (UJ). Learn the Arc of Justice which demonstrates the difference betwee punitive and unitive justice by comparing 12 structural elements. Restorative circles are the application of the UJ philosophy. It is a process in which space is held to reveal underlying core issues therefore allowing conflict to achieve a natural course of resolution and transformation. 

Join us at the Little Shepherd in the Hills Episcopal Church in Crestone Wednesday, April 26th from 4:00pm till 6:00pm

For more information on Unitive Justice and Restorative Circles


Connect with Cristina Cabeza-Kinney by email with any questions regarding the Intro class in April.

.:. Onward and Upward .:.

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Poetic Address at Cabin Fever!

We invite you to come enjoy a few of us poets as well as other performing community members at this year's Cabin Fever event!!! All proceeds go to the Crestone Charter School and Crestone Performances Inc. $10 at the door (see poster in event discussion)
As a show within a show, The Poetic Address to the Nation is a follow up offering from our event held back on February 4th, The People's State of the Union. We are weaving the community stories shared into a tapestry of poetic resiliency made for these times.
Big thank yous go to our co-inspirators, the US Department of Arts and Culture, for dreaming up this artistic action and for giving a National Address in San Francisco at the very same time.
See you there!!!  


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People's State of the Union: Building Community through Story Circle

Been feeling it? The unprecedente opportunity disguised as challenge?  Then you are in GREAT company.  

I have been asking myself like so many of us, "What can I do here, now, in the middle of nowhere?"   Then this opportunity came my way.  And then I shared the opportunity with Allison Wonderland and we decided to conspire. And then I shared it with Kelly Hosner Crowley. And then . . .  

The people-powered US Department of Arts and Culture is a grassroots action network inciting creativity in social imagination to shape a culture of empathy, equity and belonging.  In 2015, the USDAC asked, "What if the State of the Union wasn't a speech spoken by one but a poem created by many?"  

The People’s State of the Union has two main parts: Story Circles across the nation to share stories about the state of our union AND a collaboratively composed Poetic Address to the Nation. Together, we’ll build a composite picture of the state of our union, celebrating what connects us and bringing our creativity to healing all that pulls us apart.  

On Saturday, February 4th from 2pm-4pm, at the Crestone Charter School, Allison, Kelly, myself and others will host the first part of #PSOTU2017Crestone: Story Circles  

At our Story Circle event, neighbors will gather in facilitated small groups, sit in a relaxed circle and listen to each other.  We the people reflect together on the condition of our own culture and the state of our own union locally, nationally and globally.  

Each Story Circle is shaped by a set of questions serving as story prompts inviting each participant to tell a story from direct experience that reveal something about the State of the Union.  Afterwards, participants will have the opportunity to share their story through a Story Portal to co-create a Poetic Address to the Nation on March 11th.  Stay tuned for details about our local Poetic Address on the same date.   

We hope you will join us in this celebratory civic ritual during these UNPRESIDENTED times!  

"When we unleash imagination and turn it into action, we can move the world."  

For information and videos about the phenomenal USDAC, visit their website here:    

For our Facebook event:

If you would like to VOLUNTEER, please email

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