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Belonging Bandwagon

A Performance Art-Driven Dialogue for Culture's Sake

Event One:  Crestone Fourth of July Parade . . . Looking for Culture & Sense of Belonging

SUMMARY: This project will dispatch performative characters across the community for a series of playful, participatory dialogues and actions that build momentum and support for a Policy on Belonging, a Cultural Impact Study, and to seed a Community Cultural Arts Center in the town of Crestone, Colorado. 

Partner Organizations: Company of Players, Crestone Town Board of Trustees, Awakening The Phoenix and Blue Earth Design.

.:. Through Performance Art

Who are these Characters?
Trio of intercultural, time traveling explorers on the lookout for local culture and a sense of belonging. Sappho, Juana Azurduy and Harriet the Falconer (featured in the Company of Player's Herstories June performance) are asking questions, researching and collecting community info to store on the Belonging Bandwagon, their ticket back home. Look for them in their Improv play during the Fourth of July parade and the August Creative District Art in the Park event.

What is the Belonging Bandwagon?
An actual bandwagon, this growing artifact may include a local cultural storybook called ‘Scoby’, a community timeline, local cultural pieces, sample policies with petitions, sign up sheets. Activities housed on bandwagon may include chalkboard conversations, a marble run for kids of all ages, and . . . ? Eventually this bandwagon will need a home . . . say a Crestone Cultural Arts Center!?! Until then, it will continue to be a traveling cultural time capsule of sorts. When can I see this bandwagon you say? Soonish.

& The Art of Storytelling .:.

Archival Narratives: To include various video interviews of long time community members on belonging i.e. Where are you from? What keeps you here? Where does your sense of belonging come from? 

Story Circle: In addition to galavanting around, we will host a more focused story circle event in September around Belonging. With similar questions asked of long time residents, we will dive in deeper and add to our community narrative capsule. Belonging Bandwagon will be . . . seeking input.

Sharing the Story: Once all this delicious data has been collected and coalesced (to include videostory with sample policies), we will present it to the Town of Crestone Board of Trustees at the December Board meeting. We hope to inspire our officials to adopt a Policy on Belonging as well as a Cultural Impact Study. We also hope our actions add benefit for future dialogue and grant writing efforts towards a Crestone Cultural Arts Center.


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*This is a USDAC Micro Grant Prototype project
To learn more about our sponsor, visit 
or visit on Facebook: US Department of Arts and Culture

Cristina Cabeza Kinney
P.O. Box 543
Crestone, CO 81131
(719) 480-2814

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