Awakening The Phoenix

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La Llorona

No wonder all our rivers are polluted

Except maybe that one

The one that we sang our tears

Into the other day

The one that we heard whispering to us

To our insides

The one that gave us that cool looking stick

That we are going to make that

Really cool looking sculpture out of

The one river that carried our funeral boat

The one we made for Jaime

Rest in peace, sweet sister Jaime Lynn

The one that we made offerings to

The one that we shared that hug at

The one that made me feel alive again

The one we ate those dandelion leaves at

The one we found those bones at

The one that sparked us into healing

Into rewiring those programs

Healing those inner sabatour dialogues

Telling a truer story

A more telling story

Of finding the bones of our inner life

Our inner passions

Our inner creativity

Collecting these bones

With our boney worn out long fingers

And assembling them into our selves again

Reclaiming the bones of our Ancestors

Of our past creations

And creating anew again

And again

And again

Until the other rivers run clean

Until the oceans roll clear

Until La Llorona runs dry


-Cristina Cabeza Kinney

a Day of the Dead tribute and excerpt from "La Llorona" 2014