Awakening The Phoenix

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The New Crown

What about the part of me that is fucking pissed off?

The apathetic overwhelmed american princess needs to die

So . . .

She rips her little crown off

And her dress

Slings mud all over the place

Claws at the ground

Smothering herself

In brown oozey messes

Until she collapses into and

Becoming earthy


Eradicating any sense of separation

. . .


She opens her eyes again

From surrendered state

Crawling her way to the roaring river

Slip in

Down under

Fully submerge

In it now


She is illuminated by the potential of it all

. . . 

She finds her legs again

Her connection to the soil

Lifts herself above the waters

And into the blessed air

She emerges onto dry land

Asking the sun to

Still and solidify her

Into her renewed self

. . .

She gathers materials from the forest

Makes herself a new crown

Filled with the potency of her



She Walks


- Cristina Cabeza Kinney

revised version of "The New Crown"