Awakening The Phoenix

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Group "Us"

There’s something special that happens in groups.  The synergy, the collapse, the way the tide moves as we participate and witness.  The acceptance.

The lines blur.  Where do I end and she begin? It’s hard to separate out, black and white, wrong and right.  When a group comes together there is an intelligence that trumps all the hierarchical thought forms.

In a circle, everyone is at ground zero.  Equal parts of a whole. When one takes more than their fair share, it becomes the crux of the process.  What to do?  To be with others in a group, not just randomly but with heartfelt intent and circular motion, a new form of relating is created or shall we say recreated anew.  

Group process is as ancient as our ancestors.  Most notably around a fire telling stories.  I like that; viewing the human ancestors back through time immemorial gathering in a circle around a warm fire being human.  Sharing thoughts, jokes, philosophies, ideas, traumas, feelings, stories of what it is to be alive.  I miss that.

What happens when the faces you see are your equal?  When the stories you hear are your own like a spiraling ouroboros weaving threads of connection, where you end and I begin.  Of remembrance. Of ache. Of shared joy. Of possibility. Of healing. Of raw potential.  Connection.

Amazing things can happen in a group setting.  Also draining things.

I can remember many times sitting in a circular fashion through failed attempts, trying to gain the morsels of gold.  It can really deplete the soul.  Ripples of sadness and longing for those times long ago when we weren’t so clumsy or lost or confused.  But we keep hacking away at it.  Because that longing, that thread tugs at us, hinting to a connection buried inside us.  In some of us, it keeps us attempting to find synergy when others look at us as if we were fools, in love with something lost.

That buried perfect circle, that sacred hoop, reminds us to tend the fire and remember we are indeed keepers of the flame, moving it forward ever so slightly, inch by inch towards reconnection.  Because in those times when the group process does come together, when the synergy and providence is present, we are simply blown away.

The sheer perfection fills us so deeply and so fully that we give ourselves to the quest.  Becoming space holders, asking to be shown, laying  our creative fire at the feet of the indescribable thing that it is.  We give ourselves to the spiral, trusting where it leads.

Show us where you lead . . . encircle us.

~Cristina Cabeza Kinney   

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